Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saige's Mission -- An American Girl Book Review

Title: Saige (Part of the American Girl Series)
Author: Jessie Haas
Pages: 123

Rating: ** 1/2


In this book, Saige realizes at the start of fourth grade there won't be any art classes this year, only music. Every year, the school rotates between art and music because there is not enough money for both. Saige gets the party committee to have a party and a parade to raise money. At the parade, Saige rides a horse named Picasso. Saige and Gabby (her friend) teach Picasso how to paint; how to say yes, no and dah; and how to do a horse laugh. At the party, Tessa (her best friend) sings. I liked this book because it was about horses.

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