Sunday, February 24, 2013

Book Review -- Jewel Thieves by Hope McLean

Jewel Thieves: Catch Us If You Can
Jewel Thieves: Diamonds are a Thief's Best Friend

Author: Hope McLean

Publisher: Scholastic

Pages: 140

Ella's Rating: ***

Review: I like that these books are about jewels.In the first book the jewel is a ruby and in the second book the jewel is a diamond.The main characters are four girls named Jasmine, Erin, Willow, and Lili who are best friends, go to the same school (Martha Washington School), and compete in the Quiz Bowl. They are called the jewels because the first letter of each girl's name stands for a letter in the word jewel (the second "e" is for Lili's brother Eli). Their enemies in the Quiz Bowl are the Atkinson Prep Rivals.The jewels -- a sapphire, diamond, ruby and emerald -- belong to Martha Washington. In each book, the girls have to solve each clue to find a jewel.

Jewel Thieves by Hope McLean

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