Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review: The Secrets of Droon

Title: The Secrets of Droon: Journey to the Volcano Palace (part of a series)

Author: Tony Abbott

Pages: 85

Publisher: Scholastic

Rating: ***

Review: In this story, Eric, Neil and Julie (best friends) go into Droon, a magical world, and they head to the land of  Kano to get to Lord Sparr's secret palace inside a volcano. They need to find Princess Keeah's jewel -- the Red Eye of Dawn. The jewel summons the forces of nature. In the volcano palace, the kids have to get past fire monsters and Ninns (red puffy creatures) that work for Lord Sparr and are strong. I love everything about this book.

The Secrets of Droon: Journey to the Volcano Palace by Tony Abbott


  1. I know tons of kids who love this series and we received a few as a birthday gift but I could never get any of my kids to even try it out once. Such a shame! They look great!

  2. She uncovered this one on her own at the library. I'm just thrilled there are plenty of books in the series to keep us going for a while!