Thursday, May 16, 2013

A new series about kids that go back in time with a magic compass: War with Washington

Title: War with Washington

Author: L.A. Peacock

Rating: **

Review: When the magic time compass whisks Jess and Josh back to colonial times in America they find our that there is great suffering at Valley Forge where George Washington and his troops are living. When Josh and Jess land and find themselves upon a Tory spy/farmer selling pumpkins to the British.  Their mission is to find their uncle who is a messenger from the colonial congress and give him an important message from Benjamin Franklin in France.  The papers told Washington that France would be an ally. They rode in a dog sled with Lady Washington and Pierre to Valley Forge. I always thought soldiers marched to the sounds of drums and flutes but I learned from this book that they march to drums and fifes. I like Jess the best because she is a little more logical.

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